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Thread: LUST or LOVE

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    Wave LUST or LOVE

    A decision everyone must make for them selves.Everyone wants to be loved, but what happens when sexual urges over come the want or better yet the need to be loved? I guess it all depends on what you want or what you have. I honestly donąt think true love can be beaten by any physical or mental form of lust.

    Lust is but only a quick fix for love. Lust is desire, sex, passion, and no emotional connection. Love is so much more, love is knowing your partner, their moods, the little things that they do and the small things that make them happy.

    Lust is just for fun. Now list cannot be in a true love relationship in my opinion. To me anything that has to do with list in a true love relationship turns into passion or romance, I donąt believe you would call it lust, hence forth because there is meaning and compassion in it when its in this state and form.

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    ah ok

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    love love has come my way

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