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    Default Re: Sotw #27 voting thread

    +1 vote for #21

    -ok yung napili nyang mga resources..
    -ganda ng pagkakablend ng mga kulay..pantay na pantay..at hindi nakakasawang tignan..
    -halatang pinagisipan ng mabuti ang concept.. swak na swak sa temang ''COMICS'' pwede syang gawin cover ng isang ''COMICS''

    overall maganda ang pagkakagawa at malinis


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    Default Re: Sotw #27 voting thread

    +1 para sa 18

    ganda at ang linis
    lutang na lutang ang design

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    Default Re: Sotw #27 voting thread

    I'll go for entry no. 21..

    just wowed me!

    lots of characters to see

    great artwork though kinda small to see other characters..

    but all in all good and nice job!

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    Default Re: Sotw #27 voting thread

    #1 para kay 8 entry.
    wala ng maraming explanations.

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    Default Re: Sotw #27 voting thread

    Entry 18
    Wala akong alam sa graphics nakuha lang attention ko sa pagkagawa at lutang ang character na Venom. Nice work.

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    Default Re: Sotw #27 voting thread

    my vote goes to #21.

    parang kaleidoscope ang concept.

    unique xa, maganda ang pagka mixed ng kulay at mapapansin mo agad, parang head turner lang.
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    Default Re: Sotw #27 voting thread

    Due to certain issues in the contest those who did not submit their entry in time are disqualified, with that said, the supposed winner SEw910i is disqualified from the contest, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience, however we hoped that this won't prevent you from joining future contests held here in Mobilarian. thank you and god bless!

    Congratulations to

    1st Prize Winner SEw910i

    2nd prize winner Philscent!

    3rd Prize winner kaelamiren

    Awards and prizes will be given to you shortly, if there are any issues or problem kindly PM me, thanks again and we hope to see you soon in the next SOTW
    Last edited by celestial_hunter; 6th Feb 2013 at 15:34.

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